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Brother Robert Holliday was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania. I am the son of William (deceased) and Ida Holliday. I am the husband of twenty-four years to Alicia Fowlks-Holliday. I am the father of six children: Robert II, Chelsea, Jared, Avery, Nijewel, and Amiel. Currently, our eldest son Robert is a graduate of Lincoln University, Former Officer of the US Coast Guard, successful Computer Scientist, and brother of Alpha Phi Alpha. We have three children attending college: Soror Chelsea (AKA) – Shaw University, NC, Jared – Newberry College, SC, and Avery – Bluefield State College, WV. All three are receiving full scholarships through academics and athletic excellence. Our youngest two sons Nijewel and Amiel are high achievers at the senior and junior level of high school. Like their older siblings, they have high goals and aspirations with a work ethic that exceeds our expectations.

My favorite activities include fatherhood, coaching women’s college and youth travel softball, golfing, and motorcycle riding. I am a member numerous community programs that work with young males. I am an unofficial big brother to a number of boys who need a male figure to be in their lives. Professionally, I have a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Digital Electronics, and Solar Engineering from Howard University. I hold Certificates in UNIX Engineering, Systems Engineering, Logical Control Engineering, and Business communications. I also teach Electronics and Computer Science Courses.

My wife Alicia is the cornerstone of my life and our household. She is my gift from the Lord. We met as teenagers and became instant friends. I am very blessed to have her as the person who shares her love and wisdom with me on a daily basis. She and I have endured hardships and successes. Through the joy of life’s journey, we leaned on God and each other to overcome each trial we’ve faced. And we have praised God for each moment we wake up together. She and I have worked with couples who desire to get married. We share the joys, heartache, and the true meaning of “for better or worse” with them. We share our secret to a rewarding love affair, friendship, relationship, and successful marriage.

I am blessed to have been raised by a mother who taught me how to value our family. She gave me the heart to respect her efforts to ensure me and my siblings could live a good life. Growing up I did not know I did not have the high volume of toys others had. I knew I was loved, appreciated, and protected. I spent a lot of my time playing outside with my friends until I heard my name being called to come home. Or if the “street lights” came on, I knew to head home before it got dark. My mom is my hero; she has shown me that to struggle is to grow. To fret is a waste of time and to know that others before me had achieved greatness, so why can’t I. She spanked, encouraged, and prayed us to be somebody who could offer the community a person of value. She warned us to never bring shame to your family’s name no matter what! I am today because of the foundation my mother provided for me, my brother, and my sisters.

I am very grateful to the Fifteen Charter Member Brothers who established the Kappa Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Because of your decision, many Brothers and their families have had the honor of being a part of a legacy of success.

Brother Robert M. Holliday
Spring 2003 KIL Professor Slick #5