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Our Beloved Chapter

A very active and community focused chapter situated in Burlington County, Willingboro, New Jersey 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. We have proudly been serving the community for over 40 years!

The year 1973 was historic. A charter was issued on November 15, 1973 for a beginning of a new Alpha chapter, the chapter was Kappa Iota Lambda of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. The Chapter was assigned Key Number 532. The year 1973 culminated in a decision by Alpha men in South Jersey.

The men had the choice of membership in one of the Philadelphia area chapters or one of the North Jersey chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha, Incorporated. Kappa Iota Lambda Chapter was led by three brothers from the Zeta Iota Lambda Chapter from the Mercer County area.

Kappa Iota Lambda Chapter was spearheaded primarily by three brothers of the Zeta Iota Lambda Chapter in Trenton. Brothers Dr. Clinton Akins, Dr. Hubert Byron, and Dr. George Phillips were the organizers in calling together brothers in the area. They met at the home of Brother Akins in Burlington, New Jersey. The three Alpha men were vital in organizing brothers in the area to form a chapter. The brothers were very diligent in reclamation of inactive members. A vital assistance was given by the State President of Alpha Chapter Brother Elbert Wisner who helped diligently to organize Kappa Iota Lambda. Kappa Iota Lambda was chartered with 15 members including Brothers Dr. Byron, Phillips, and Dr. Ricardo Oasin.

Charter Members

  • Brother Chauncey L. Barrett
  • Brother Louis D. William
  • Brother Hubert Byron
  • Brother Richard D. Blackburn
  • Brother Harry Colbert
  • Brother Alba F. Cornish
  • Brother Horton Cooper
  • Brother James M. Jeffries
  • Brother Ernest J.L. Lawson
  • Brother Theodore G. Nixon
  • Brother Dr. Ricardo V. Oasin
  • Brother Dr. George M. Phillips
  • Brother Bernard E. Darrell
  • Brother Joe C. Thomas
  • Brother Stanford E. Clark

Active Charter Members




MAY 15, 1952


Since that time, Kappa Iota Lambda has grown and prospered to the point that it was instrumental in the establishment of Nu Gamma Lambda Chapter in Glassboro, New Jersey. Kappa Iota Lambda has always supported national issues, participated in local concerns, and has placed a heavy emphasis on education and scholarship.

Kappa Iota Lambda has grown in strength and in vitality. The Chapter has experienced ups and downs, the vicissitudes that occur when great men are accomplishing great tasks and are operating on the human scale. Kappa Iota Lambda has spawned additional Alpha Chapters. Nu Gamma Lambda Chapter in Glassboro, New Jersey was an offspring, so to speak, of the original Chapter, K.I.L. Kappa Iota Lambda has participated in national issues, local concerns, and there has been a distinct presence in regard to education and scholarship of the youth of the area.

Kappa Iota Lambda has participated in furthering education by providing scholarship awards. High school youths in the South Jersey area have been the recipients. Community awards have been given. There is an annual event, Community Awards, an oratorical event. The event honors prominent, devoted persons who have lent their skills and time and sweat for the better good. The Chapter has participated in a category of service named Project Alpha. The program provides dedicated services for the youth of the area. The Chapter has participated in the March of Dimes on an annual basis. The Chapter also has been prominent in providing support to a local Boy Scout Troop. A financial group was formed. The group was an investment club called Alpha Venture. Alpha Iota Lambda has participated in community parades.

There are several additional programs in which Kappa Iota Lambda has provided support, leadership, and financial aid. The Chapter has participated in the project that has the motto, “A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People.” The Chapter has also participated in a Leadership Development Institute. A recent work plan for educational activities was submitted by the Committee’s Chairman.

Service has been displayed on a continuous exemplary basis. The super heroes of Kappa Iota Lambda Chapter are mentioned at this point: Brother William Myers; Brother Theodore Nixon; Brother A. Charles Bryson Wright, Ed.D.; Brother Robert Jones; Brother Howard Ways; Brother Steven J. Allen; Brother Michael Paul Whiting, II; Brother William Murray; and Brother Tony O. Hubbard. All served on the local and state and national levels in various capacities.

AFRI-MALE INSTITUTE: The service was originated and established in September of 1992. Afri-Male Institute was an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit 501(c) (3) community-based organization. The concept of the Institute grew out of a national program of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. That program was Project Alpha. The prime and central purpose was and is to help prevent teen pregnancy and to teach African American males in regard to their responsibility in preventing unwanted pregnancies. The Institute provided other services including education, job training, and tenets of citizenship and manhood.

The organization became part of The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington County. The Afri-Male Institute started out small, but grew as volunteers assisted the growth. The prime motivator and mover of the program was Brother Theodore Nixon. Brother Nixon served honorably in regard to providing sponsorship, obtaining funding, as well as providing educational and organizational input. Historically, The Boys and Girls Club of America had its beginning in 1860. Several women in Hartford, Connecticut were the motivators. The purpose was to assist boys who roamed the streets to have a positive alternative. Thus, the first Club was born.

The Afri-Male Institute participated in the following: Public Forums, Oratorical Contests, HIV/ AIDS Projects, Team Summit, Afri-Male Newsletter, Black Historical Library, Summer Camp, Encyclopedia of Black Affairs, Charitable Computer Initiative, Afri-Male Institute Free Computer Training, Rites of Passage Program, Safe Haven, and Community Collaborations.

LEADERSHIP: The first President of Kappa Iota Lambda was Brother Sanford Clarke. The following men have served as presidents (not in alphabetical order): Brother Theodore Nixon, Brother James Jeffries, Brother James Landrum, Brother Howard Ways, Brother Andre Melton, Brother Dr. Emerson Smith, Brother Alba Cornish, Brother Martino, Brother Robert Jones, Brother William Murray, Brother Chauncey Barrett, Brother Bernard Darrel, Brother Wade Simmons, and Brother Dr. Jamaine Mungo.